Rum Tradition

For Almost Half a Century,

Puerto Rico has been known for its rum tradition that dates back to the beginning of the sugarcane production under the ruling of Spain. Today, this tradition that began in a very artisanal and rudimentary form has evolved to be one of the island’s main industries.


The Results,

a quality product of international recognition that has been present in every historical celebration.

Quality Requirement.

Rums of Puerto Rico are well known for their quality requirement. These are products with a minimum aging of one year, using high quality molasses in continuous distillation processes to keep and secure the quality standards that differentiates them. Puerto Rico rum manufacturers are very diverse and have products for every taste, whether it is white, gold, dark, flavored or spiced rum. Within this wide range of Puerto Rican manufacturers we find rum products like Don Q, Bacardi, Trigo, Ron del Barrilito, Club Caribe, among others. Each brand and each product has its distinctive feature, but if there is something that unites them is the fact of being manufactured in Puerto Rico and its implications. To highlight this aspect of differentiation, the Rums of Puerto Rico program has created a quality label to distinguish local rums, and communicate and certify the attributes of their manufacturing process. 

In Conclusion,

the versatility of the Rums of Puerto Rico is only matched by the quality of their preparation. No other country in the world has the regulations and the attributes of the Puerto Rican rum industry. Therefore, Puerto Rico can affirm that it produces the best rum in the world. While you are visiting Puerto Rico, make sure you hop into the Rum Route, visiting, to live the taste and experience of Rums of Puerto Rico.